Our 12-month Training Program is a comprehensive career development program. Designed to provide fresh graduates with solid on-job training and in-depth understanding within our digital business, Trainees have the opportunity to rotate and to experience different operations. Next intake commencing July 2020, come join the NMG family now!

The 12-month program is specially designed for all recent university graduates. Suitable candidates will be offered a structured career development program covering:

Induction & training

Background and context to help candidates understand the background of NMG and to become familiar with different department operations.

Departmental postings & work assignments

Candidates will rotate through 2 departments in order to learn about the department operations and broaden the understanding of our business. Typical postings may last for 3-6 months and through these postings, candidates will obtain a strong foundation in all-round digital and project management skills.

Experience Sharing

Amber Lau
Proactive | 2017 Trainee

As a Trainee, I had the opportunity to rotate to I-Trial & NX Affiliate Network. These departments were not only new to me, but also new to the company. I had to lead and develop many projects that included market analysis, website building, network formulation as well as facing partners and clients. I had to be proactive - to ask more, to try more and to never afraid of encountering obstacles. And at the end, being proactive brought me opportunities that I didn't even know were available.

Terry Ho
Memorable | 2018 Trainee

It is uncommon to have trainee position in a media company, especially in digital media. I am grateful to be here, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity. For those who are eager to enter media industry, the NMG Trainee program is a good way to kickstart your career, as you will learn multi-dimensional and industry-specific knowledge in each rotation.

Joyce Lee
Motivating | 2017 Trainee

I joined the NMG Trainee program as a fresh graduate because I wanted to try various work positions in a media company. My supervisors pushed me to explore my interests and develop my potential. The program laid a solid foundation for my career, leading me to my current post as Assistant Manager.

Emily Cheung
Adventurous | 2017 Trainee

You have to be a multi-tasker and an explorer to enjoy this journey. Be prepared to be exposed to all kinds of challenges and a lot of fun. As a Trainee, I met a lot of companions in my journey with NMG, and they have become companions in life too! Good Luck!

Heidi Lui
Dynamic | 2018 Trainee

Job rotations meant more than anxiety but also brought new challenges and excitement. The program created a unique and holistic experience for me to develop further in the industry. From knowledge of digital content creation to sales opportunities, the skills gained are critical for my current duties on the Website team.

Carmen Koon
Change | 2017 Trainee

From content creation, performance analysis, project management and more, NMG Trainee Program allowed me to experience many aspects in the digital world. With training and on-the-job coaching, you will notice how fast the world around you is changing. Technology is continually improving, and to keep up, we must be adaptable and transformative to survive and to progress.

"We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it." (Barack Obama)

Polly Tang
Fruitful | 2017 Trainee

The NMG Trainee program is a great chance to experience different jobs within a media company. It might be challenging to push your boundaries but it might be interesting and lead you to find what you love to do. The most important thing is you will definitely know yourself better!

Katie Lam
Wholesome | 2018 Trainee

I did gain a lot from the NMG Trainee program, not only technical skills like Photoshop/AI, but also a lot of true friends in my first full-time job. The trainees support each other and NMG supports us with their resources and their training.

Look Tsang
Pleased | 2018 Trainee

Although I wasn't familiar with digital media, NMG provided me with a chance to seek different opportunities and learn the skills . I am pleased the program have given a chance to discover the media world especially online media, that really does changed my perspective. The colleagues are friendly and professional it makes me feel confident to work in such motivational office atmosphere.

Nicole Chung
Diverse | 2018 Trainee

NMG's Trainee program provided a variety of job rotations and hands-on training to pursue my career in media. I learnt everything from Content creation, e-Commerce to project management. This all-rounded skillset and comprehensive understanding of the industry help me thrive in the rapidly changing digital media environment.

Jacky Lui
Life-changing | 2018 Trainee

The Trainee program set a solid foundation for my career path. The world is becoming more digital and working at NMG allows me to be highly aware of daily changes in digital trends. Trainees are highly supported by the company and given chance to make decisions ourselves. This program definitely lives up to expectations when it comes to strengthening fresh graduates abilities to pursue further in this field.

Candice Lam
Fluctuant | 2017 Trainee

As we are firsthand witnesses to media development or changes, Trainees learn to know how to keep up with ever-changing social media trends and deliver our value to the company.

After completing the Program

Depending on individual performance and development opportunities, further advancement to managerial positions will be available for trainees with outstanding performances and capabilities to progress further along their career ladder.

We are looking for someone who is/has:

  • Enthusiastic to join New Media Group
  • Recent university graduate from any discipline
  • Keen interest in pursuing a career in Digital Media
  • Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical, project management and executional skills
  • A quick learner who likes challenges and is able to perform under pressure
  • Self-motivated, energetic, and open-minded
  • Available from July 2, 2020 onwards


  • JAN 2020 - MAR 2020Application
  • APR 2020Group Interview and Written Test
  • MAY 2020Individual Interview
  • MAY 2020 - JUN 2020Offer of Employment
  • JUL 2020Commencement of Program

Contact Us

Hotline: + 852 2960 9888
Email: [email protected]
IG: @nmgtraineeprogram

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